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WWSN Radio One

CEO ~ Pahlkor Ltd

SoYou.Me - http://SoYou.Me/AdamDShort
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Worldwide Social Networking Ltd (est 2009) Social networking for the adventurous! 16 linked social networking sites providing useful information and contacts for activities such as Canoeing & Kayaking, Rock Climbing & Bouldering, Scuba Diving, Skiing & Snowboarding, Travelling and many more...

Phuture UK Web Technologies (est many years ago!) my core business that provides web technology solutions for business.

Hey there :) I'm Adam, I've applied to go on a reality survival show next month, check out the video :) hope you like it, I thought it would be a different way of introducing myself :)

I like to be exciting and unpredictable!

Associated Business : SoYou.Me

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